Genesis Digital Audio Workstation

Dock Demo

2015 May 09

Now you can drag docks around into any configuration for editing.

By the way, here's what the config file looks like so far (it lives in ~/.genesis/config).

// Genesis DAW configuration file
// This config file format is a superset of JSON. See
// for more details.
  // your display name
  user_name: "andy",

  // your user id
  user_id: "02f6a090170886e5f6eecf1b22bf250527205e779828e1d2c6052ca681ef8985",

  // open this project on startup
  open_project_id: "908ad8b5f7c0ff2cc22a60c5240a4f475596c3d2193293fe0c192f8bfab08ac0",

  // these perspectives are available for the user to choose from
  perspectives: [
      name: "Default",
      dock: {
        dock_type: "Horiz",
        split_ratio: 0.307832,
        child_a: {
          dock_type: "Tabs",
          tabs: ["Resources"],
        child_b: {
          dock_type: "Tabs",
          tabs: ["Track Editor", "Mixer"],

  // open these windows on startup
  open_windows: [
      // which perspective this window uses
      perspective: 0,

      // position of the window on the screen
      left: 243,
      top: 111,
      width: 1102,
      height: 855,
      maximized: false,

      // whether to show dockable pane tabs when there is only one
      always_show_tabs: true,



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