Genesis Digital Audio Workstation

Bit Trouper

2013 Mar 13

As a music producer, it's hard to find the line between creativity and blindly reusing other people's work. If you use presets from a synthesizer, you're using someone else's synth programming. If you use someone else's synth, you're using someone else's Digital Signal Processing code. You can purchase melodies and chord progressions from a MIDI store. You can use sample packs for musical instruments that somebody else recorded. You can use pre-made drum loops.

At each step along the way, it becomes less clear what your role is in the creation process.

I have decided to solve the problem by adding restrictions to the creative process. These restrictions include:

The music I release under these restrictions will be associated with the artist name Bit Trouper.

Google gives 2 definitions for trouper:

  1. an actor or other entertainer, typically one with long experience.
  2. a reliable and uncomplaining person.

So now it's time to build a Digital Audio Workstation. I'm calling it Genesis.

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